The missing link in border protection

The Royal Dutch Military Police, simply had enough !

The Royal Dutch Military Police, District Schiphol, simply had enough. Every time a drug swallower was detained they had to manually root around in the faeces of the suspect for the drg packages and then clean them. With rubber gloves, of cource. However, with the increasing number of arrest the dissatisfaction with this situation grew. The stench was particularly unbearable. Commissioned by the Royal Dutch Military Police, RFK has developed a fully automatic drugloo for such drug couriers.

After an intensive test phase with the prototype the final version has found its way onto the market. Now in various places around the world a drugloo can be found. The drugloo meets both the requirements of judiciary as well as those of the Working Conditions and Waterworks Acts. The entire process, which no longer involves human hands, is odourless and hygienic.

Regardless of whether you wish to fit the Drugloo at the airport, a police station or hospital, for every application
The Drugloo can be fitted simply in the following situations:

- Airport
- Local hospital
- Police station
- Prison
- Prison hospital
- Sea container (mobile situation)
RFK has a suitable model
The Drugloo is available as standard in four different models and can be easily expanded with various options.

The basic model consists of:

- Manual model with manual control
- Manual model with semi-automatic control
- Automatic model with semi-automatic control
- Automatic model with automatic control
with the right specifications.
The Drugloo has as standard the following specifications:

- Entire cleaning process can be monitored visually
- Reliable installation through simplicity
- Machine can also function as normal toilet
- No siphon present in which drug packages can get stuck
- Fitted with connector for extraction
- Powerful sprays that do not damage the drug packages
- Suitable for fluid packages
If your detection policy is going to change in the next few years, then this is not a problem: thanks to the modular structure of the machine it can be easily modified according to the new situation.
In addition, the machine can be expanded with a number of options,
The Drugloo can be easily expanded with the following options:

- Stainless steel steps for toilet
- Safe, small or large model
- Seal and vacuum machine for odourless storage of drug packages
- Spray system based on pneumatic valves
- Hot water system based on instantaneous water heater
- Automatic printing of police report
- Waste container for toilet paper
such as a safe, vacuum machine or steps.

If required, the control
The Drugloo comes as standard with a manual control whereby the drug packages are hygienically cleaned by means of a mobile spray head at the top of the cleaning unit.

If desired the machine can be fitted with a semi-automatic control whereby the mobile spray head is replaced by electronically-controlled sprayers. The control uses pressure switches.

The control system can also be fitted with a PLC (computer) enabling the cleaning process to be carried out entirely automatically.
of the machine can be fitted with a legal safeguarding system whereby a police report of the production can be printed out. It is also possible to automatically send the production data to an external department. This allows remote parties to look at the production lists of the various suspects.

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